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Sunday, November 18


Directors Lounge and W(h)at Is Jazz proudly present:

Raymond Salvatore Harmon with theChicago Underground Trio

a 'film concert' at the RAW Tempel

Sun November 18th, 9pm, doors open at 8pm.

RAW Tempel
- Revaler Str.99 - Friedrichshain

Chronicle, Raymond Salvatore Harmon´s feature length performance film with the Chicago Underground Trio, was a visual and musical highlight of Directors Lounge 2007.

Now, the Chicago Underground Trio and director Raymond Salvatore Harmon will turn the concert film 'Chronicle' inside out and perform a 'film concert' at the RAW Tempel

Chronicle is unlike any music/film performance made to date. Expect an evening verging into the psychedelic, both sonically and visually.

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Thursday, September 20

A Summer Evening With Sheri Wills

Amazing musicality and intensity in color are the foremost impressions of Sheri Wills' films. At the same time they speak about the beauty and fragility of the microcosm that surrounds us, and in our daily life, barely catches our attention.

Having started off with super-8 and 16mm films, and the endless possibilities of an optical printer, Sheri Wills still uses photograms as starting point of her films, however, she now also uses found footage, lens-based images and digital technology in combination with this "earliest and simplest photographic technology".

On a closer look, one could also say, the films of Sheri Wills evoke memories, illuminated memories without pointing to a specific time, or reference in the past. Rather, they are passageways in a territory of synthesized memories. If there are (according to Roland Barthes) signifiers without significants in language, one could then say, Sheri Wills' pictography is an artistic mnemonics without significants in the past. The colors and shapes, as abstract as they may appear still maintain a reference to the physical world. Their mere beauty and rhythmical structure, though, give them the quality of unresolved deja-vues. Bergson's view of a simultaneously present existence of the past and the presence comes into mind. In this concept, Sheri Wills' image making would be the presence of memories, which extend into the future while ignoring the logic of a time axis. Her films evoke memories of forgotten dreams, of childlike awe, of the "earliest cinema" of Brakhage, while rubbing your eyes. Even the used found footage does not point to a specific time period, although we can read traces of a timed fashion. Thus, Sheri Wills, in her own genius way, has made the leap from "movement-image" to "time-image" (Deleuze). Memory does not have to talk about past; memory and image associations may as well be about the present or the future. However, they definitively live on in a different time mode.

Sheri Wills deep interest in contemporary music has also led to congenial collaborations with young modern composers. Viewing her films thus becomes a synesthetic experience of color, form, rhythm and music.

The program will consist of 16mm films and digital video projections.

a summer evening with sheri wills
curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Friday, 21 September 2007, 9 pm Z-Bar, Berlin, Bergstr. 2

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Thursday, September 6

memory in motion

MEemory in motion, art in the public space takes place in Munich these days. To give you a little idea about what´s going on in rainy Bavaria wé add this feed to serve ou some snaps from the show.

meet us if in Munich

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Friday, August 24

Cocoon and other Swan Songs — Felice Naomi Wonnenberg

Kvetshing (Complaining) to Gertrude Stein, Video performance, 1 min, 2007

Felice Naomi Wonnenberg's video work is a unique, sometimes surrealist collage inspired by Jewish thought and political and gender issues. It combines in an intriguing manner Middle-Eastern reality with European cinematographic aesthtics. The Tel Aviv and Berlin based artist has been showing her video works and experimental films internationally since 1998, among others at the Directors Lounge, Berlin (2005), in the MoMA Museum of Modern Art New York (2007), The Israel Museum Jerusalem (2007), the Jewish Film Festival Berlin and in Goethe Institutes worldwide. She was awarded the ARTE / 3Sat prize for artistic innovation, her work was repeatedly screened on 3SAT (German speaking art TV channel) and in over 30 international film festivals. In 2001 she graduated from the Masterclass of the Berlin Art Academy (HdK Berlin – UdK) (the highest degree in visual art in German art academies). She has been living and working in Israel and Berlin as an artist, art critic and in museums since 2005. Her experimental films are shot on 16mm film (a format launched in 1923, used by surrealist and dadaist artists and later in WW2) and she also works with digital video.

Video Art and Experimental Films
by Felice Naomi Wonnenberg

curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr
Sunday, 26 August 2007, 9 pm Z-Bar, Bergstr. 2

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some of the films included:

Jewel Garden
experimental documentary, digital video, 10 mins, 2006

"...a delightful...wonderfully inventive film and...great addition to our program"

writes William Sloan, curator of MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art, NY

Portrait of an old 2nd-hand jewelry dealer on Berlin's shopping-mile Ku'damm. In an uncut 9 min. close-up shot, the camera glides over the glittering necklaces, war medals, Jewish Chanukah candlesticks, worn-out wedding rings and other broken dreams on sale. We never get to see the dealer, but we do hear him chat about his theories on love.

Cocoon, Performance on digital video, 9 mins, 2007

Some young men wander in the desert. In a cave they make the chance discovery of a giant cocoon with female content... In the encounter the young men devour the cocoon, but then as they penetrate into it they do not even realize that the content of the cocoon is a woman. Their actions appear as a fickle mood of fate. The men destroy the woman's fragile protective wrap for a moments' culinary pleasure and leave her behind - deprived of her protection, desinterested in her fate.

Cocoon is a video that brings visual inspirations from Man Ray's nude photographies and the sexy armpit from Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali's Chien Chien Andalou onto a feminist panel. The viewers' sexual expectations are first stimulated and then playfully led ad absurdum. The cocoon is the poor worm's / woman's longing for transformation, the attempt to withdraw from the world in order to emerge as a new magnificent self.

As in many of Wonnenberg's films the puzzling sexual encounters between man and woman remain unsatisfactory. Both parties do not recognize the others needs and desires and their physical contact remains at once naive and yet cruel and destructive.

The location of the scenes is a metaphysical place in itself: Cocoon was shot on location at the caves of Qumran in the Judean desert on the shore of the Dead Sea, where in 1947 a Bedouin boy discovered, by coincidence, the oldest surviving Torah scrolls.

The Orient through Western Eyes
video collage, 8 min, 2007

A video collage juxtaposing clips from early silent movies to modern fantasy blockbusters to show how the West has constructed its own image of "the Orient". This art video commissioned by Israel's biggest art museum The Israel Museum Jerusalem was shown in conjunction with its exhibition Eden- East and West. It is a critical visual analysis of the West's cinematographic fantasies of "the Orient". The Middle East and the Land of Israel were an important locus of Western longing, curiosity, fantasy, and apprehension of the “Other”, and these feelings were articulated visually by many artists. This art video juxtaposes clippings from existing footage of Hollywood movies, from their beginnings in the early days of silent movies (such as DeMille’s monumental biblical epics) to contemporary fantasy Blockbusters (such as The Lord of the Rings). The visual confrontations demonstrate how the West has constructed its own image of "the Jew", "the Arab", "the Orient" or -in brief - the necessary and fondly hated "Other" for its own psychological needs.

A Turtle‘s Life in the Middle East, 16 mm and Super 8 black/white and color, 10 mins, 2003
3Sat / ARTE Prize for Artistic Innovation

This is an experimental documentary about fear and how to deal with it after a terror attack. The basis of the film is the childhood memory of a Palestinian, in which the need of protection turned into perverted and absurd violence. The child confronted his seeming enemies, the turtles. "I declared war on turtles...Until they were dead. Then I‘d be very satisfied.“ Contrasting this are an Israeli‘s angry comments. He cannot stand his German girlfriend's questioning him about terror attacks, which she needs for her documentary film, anymore. The images of the film stand in contrast to the interviews: a group of nervous birds and architectural shots of a prison relay the fear that the narrators struggle to repress. The film ends in bitter words juxtaposed with pictures of hope.


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Friday, August 10

A Summer Evening With Oliver Whitehead

Oliver Whitehead — films from 1967—2007

Oliver Whitehead from Helsinki, who recently showed his work in a retrospective at Cartes Flux Festival in Espoo/Helsinki, comes to Berlin to show his work at Z-Bar.

Oliver Whitehead has explored a wide range of fields within arts, such as drawing, painting, photography, computer imaging, film, video, installation, and sound stretching their expressive possibilities, and without respecting boundaries. He thus may be called a ³true media artist². In his early film work, he was influenced by the uprising Film-Coop movement in England and the French Nouvelle Vague. He however stopped making films when coming to Helsinki in 1970, where he since has worked as artist, and partly at Kuva Academy, the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.

In 1991, he has picked up with film and video again, now exploring his personal and built surrounding in most unorthodox ways. In most recent years, film and video have become a main focus in his work.

see "bike" by Oliver Whitehead on directorslounge television

As in "bike", where the camera travels along the shore of the city of Helsinki, his film work mostly evolves from captured impressions. Here, he depicts glances on people, traffic and architecture, edited in an Allegretto rhythm of movements. The film thus reflects the intrinsic meanings of a different but daily perception of urban life and the built surrounding. In "visual violence", a camera travels through contemporary interior public spaces and, as in other films, the captured immediate impressions tell about sensations, which are both political in their direct relationship to the body, and metaphorical in the ways they become examples of a 'bigger picture' of meanings in the world. The films thus are less part of a simulacrum made by the media but they are reflections on visual and media perceptions, and the ways our contemporary and vernacular surrounding can be read in meaningful ways.
In Whitehead's later work the subject matter comprises the structures and users of urban settings(...) The visual idiom and the overlaid soundtrack give the works a politically slanted narrative dynamic. The meaning of the films, on the other hand, arises from the combination of cinematography, editing, repetition and thematic combinations. These have an inherent political dimension in the works in that they oppose the solutions typical of commercial cinema." (Hanna Johannson)

With two films, Oliver Whitehead was already part of this year's Directours Lounge and some further Urban Research screenings. Now, we are proud to be able to give a more deep insight in his film and video work, and have the artist present his work at Z-Bar. The screening will be the opening of further summer screenings of Directors Lounge in August and September 2007.

german text here

Oliver Whitehead — films from 1967—2007
Sundag, 12 August 2007, 08:30 pm
Z-Bar, Bergstr. 2, Berlin-Mitte

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Sunday, June 3

Am Rande...

• on the edge Pyramide, Berlin June 1 - 29, 2007

In the back Staan by Frans van Lent, reflected Misa by Yoel Díaz Vásquez

An exhibition by Directors Lounge at the Exhibition Centre Pyramide in Hellersdorf.

click pics to enlarge

expand for some more snapshots, read more about Am Rande.. here and here (german)

Inside this very strange building

Misa by Yoel Díaz Vásquez

Pistolen by Wolfgang Spahn

Construct (Two Momemts in Beauty) by Maja Borg

To The Limit by Andreas Sachsenmaier

more pics to follow

don´t miss the second screening Friday, June 15 9 pm

location details here

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Thursday, May 24

Tami Seinfeld

With great pleasure do we announce that the beautiful lady pictured here joined Team Directors Lounge on Tuesday as a cognitive mentor. Not much bigger than a Katz she will become a great asset for the future of the whole cinematic universe.

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Friday, May 18

Stadtrandzone Mitte — Center of Urban Periphery

• Berlin Premiere Sat. 19th May 07, 9 pm Z-Bar, Berlin

still from STADTRANDZONE MITTE, 16 mm, 42 min, 2005

How should public space be defined, in our times? - this question has been the point of departure for Klaus W. Eisenlohr's project in Hannover. The resulting film by the Berlin filmmaker and artist takes the viewer on a visual trip through the larger urban area of Hannover and shows portraits of places of various urban qualities.
This visual and spatial exploration is being complemented with investigations of "place-making": Public interventions by artists, scenes of everyday public life played by youths, and conversations with local city planers converge in a multi-facetted reflection on public space. In cinematography and visual montage Klaus W. Eisenlohr has accomplish his own personal film language, based on experimental documentary and avant-garde film. Thus, the filmmaker has conceived a complex film essay about everyday urban spaces in the modern European city. more

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"Was ist öffentlicher Raum heute?" Diese Frage stellte der Filmemacher und Künstler Klaus W. Eisenlohr an den Beginn seiner Recherche über Hannover. Der entstandene Film nimmt den Zuschauer mit auf eine Bilderreise durch öffentliche Plätze im größeren Stadtgebiet der Landeshauptstadt.

Mit filmischen Mitteln entstehen Portraits von Orten unterschiedlicher urbaner Qualität. Den Berliner Filmemacher interessieren jedoch nicht nur die sichtbaren Merkmale, sondern auch die Handlungen und Erzählungen, die öffentliche Räume erst entstehen lassen. Weiter geht er der Frage nach, durch welche Eingriffe/Interventionen öffentliche Orte aktiviert werden können. Künstlerische Handlungen, die Reaktionen herausfordern, Inszenierungen von Alltagsbegebenheiten mit Jugendlichen und Begegnungen mit Stadtplanern sind im Film den Stadtbildern gegenüber gestellt. Sie fügen sich zusammen zu einem filmischen Essay über alltägliche Orte einer exemplarischen Stadt der europäischen Moderne.

Der Film entstand im Laufe des 6-monatigen Kunstprojektes Stadtrandzone Mitte in Hannover, bei dem Klaus W. Eisenlohr weitere Künstler aus Berlin, Stuttgart und Hannover einlud, an unterschiedlichen Plätzen Performances zu inszenieren. Überdies entstanden Szenen, indem er mit Jugendlichen aus Jugendeinrichtungen szenische Workshops durchführte. Das Projekt wurde unterstützt mit dem „Cast&Cut“-Stipendium der Stiftung Kulturregion Hannover und der nordmedia Fonds GmbH, mit einem zusätzlichen Zuschuß des Kulturbüros der Landeshauptstadt Hannover.

Samstag, 19 Mai 2007, 21 h Z-Bar, Bergstr. 2

Eintritt 4, ermaessigt 3 Euro

• Sat. 19th May 07, 9 pm Z-Bar, Bergstr. 2 U Rosenthaler Platz

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Saturday, May 12

Urban Research at Urban Explorers

• Noordkaap Dordrecht - Rotterdam 12 + 13 May 2007

Thanks to Katja Diallo/ Noordkaap, a selection of Urban Research, one of the major programs of Directors Lounge, can be presented during the Urban Explorer festival in the project rooms of Noordkaap, Dordrecht, NL

NOORDKAAP // U.E. // PROGRAMMA 11 T/M 13 MEI // FILM Een selectie uit het internationale filmfestival Urban Research, ondersteund door de Directors Lounge Berlin. Curator Klaus W. Eisenlohr

click pics for more


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Zaterdag 12 en zondag 13 mei 11h.-18h. in de projectruimte

Roger Warren Beebe - Strip Mall Trilogy,9:15, USA , 2001

"The Strip Mall Trilogy" is a series of three city symphonies that attempt to liberate color, sound, and form from the sprawling consumerist landscape of postmodern America. Part 1, 'Green Means Go,' presents fragments of color over a musique concrete soundtrack composed of sounds recorded at the strip mall. Part 2, 'The Abecedaire,' wrestles (and later plays) with alphabetic form extracted and abstracted from the signs of commerce of which they are normally a part. Part 3, 'X-formations,' tries to argue that there is, in fact, beauty after strip malls. Let's hope so.

Julie Murray - Detroit Park , 8:00, USA 2005

Michigan Theatre was an elaborately decorated theater at the heart of a busy and vibrant downtown Detroit in the 1920s. The advent of television in the 1950s saw a significant drop in public performance attendance and it was finally closed in 1967. Sometime in the 1970s it was converted into a parking lot, where floors and ramps were installed with only the most necessary intrusion upon the old interior. Murray's camera is driven by impulses of awe and reflection. In Detroit Park she does not celebrate the 'good old times' but she rather encompasses future and past in one movement that reveales otherwise unseen layers of overlapping times in the urban mesh.

Edita Stepien, Margaret Noble - Sonata , 18:09, USA 2006

Interested in the collaborative fusion between audio and video, analogue and synthesized, Margaret Noble and Edyta Stepien decided to explore these dichotomies through a contemporary reinterpretation of the classical form 'Sonata.' Through the sounds and imagery of architecture and nature, this piece examines our current environmental conditions. Modeled on a pictorial score and recorded as a live performance mix, "Sonata" alternates between nature and urban industry in the settled terrains of the American Midwest.

Katerina Sedá - There is Nothing There , 14:00, CZ 2003

Ponetovice. A village close to Brno in Czeque Republique. No post office, no school. One Saturday in May, everybody in town is doing what they usually do on Saturdays; except this time artist Katerina Sedá directed the inhabitants like a real life video game into a synchronism of the ordinary. The film gives a multitude of ideas on the problems and chances of being on the verge between rural and urban life. From the questionaires handed out to the citizens of the village Katerina found out that all families spent Saturdays in the countryside in a similar way. She also discovered that nowadays people from a village live with a certain skepticism, they feel as if all the important things happen in the city and say 'there is nothing' in their village.

Vrijdag 11 t/m zondag 13 mei vanaf 21h. window screening

Seppo Renval - Rumpu Zinfonia , 21 min, FIN 2005

The camera meanders through artificial architectural space: architecture models. All the models represent exsisting buildings in Helsinki. The camera speeds up, the low-resolution video quality and lighting create sensations of real space, of emotional space. Thus, the film reinterprets the imagination and conception of materialized architecture, or more so, the ways architectural space has been depicted before being realized.

Kemmy Thyssen - In'na City , 7:23, DE, 2005

In 'na City seeks for harmony, connectivity between images and music. A collage with images from the City of Hannover ‹ skyscrapers, traffic, the surface of the city and its mesh ‹ that creates a composition, a new vision. Images and colours become music and rhythm, which complement sounds and beats. Everyday space and vernacular modern architecture are the matrix of pulsing music.

Virgine Laganiere - The Corridor, 2:26, CAN, 2005

A corridor, passage way between offices, becomes the internal and visible projection of the outside city. Dream, hope or halluzination? Virginie Laganière shows, with very dry humor, imaginary metamorphosis of the daily urban environment.

Ivan Martinez - Fear Itself ... Yea Right , 7min, USA 2006

"According to the media and government officials we have much to fear, despite what FDR once proclaimed. With anxiety on the rise, running scared is all we have left, at least to warn others of the impending doom. This custom animation and action script allows me to frantically run through the streets typing out my fears for all to know in real time. If needed my character could stop running to converse with someone on the street, but when fear strikes, its off and running again." Fear Itself, by Miami based Ivan Martinez, is a street art projection using custom action script in which he runs scared through the streets typing in his fears which are then projected on building facades. The works combines concepts on the running tiger of Karolina Sobecka´s Wildlife, previoulsly mentioned here and Paul Notzold´s "What/Who Are You Afraid Of?". According to Wooster Ivan started in August doing guerrilla projections of images on the new building developments that are appearing in and around downtown Miami.

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Monday, May 7

• call for proposals Munich end of July 07

art in the public space, Munich, end of July 07

• Memory In Motion – new ways of commemoration

Memory In Motion will present media art that seeeks for new ways of remembrance by using the public space as a stage to challenge the neglecting of history with artistic means. The urban space, that makes history visible as architecture, offers the oportunity to connect artistic questioning with concrete history.
Memory In Motion is an intervention into the public space that question the handling of the past, the construction of historiography, the attribution of identity, social and ethnic codes and their reflection in society right there where such a basic discussion should start: in the public.

Public space is not a fixed space, it is everywhere, constantly in change, consequently we will be a project in motion, using different spaces for different works and different questions.

• Memory In Motion – call for proposals

We welcome any proposal for Memory In Motion, be it a site specific work or an existing film, installation, whatever that could fit into the concept. Get in touch and we´ll send you the link to the project pages.

• Memory In Motion – accompanying program

Memory In Motion will be accompanied by related screenings, we hope to realize a catalogue and/or a DVD to document the whole project.

For a german version go here

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Thursday, May 3

Alli Savolainen • video art from Finland

• Z Bar Bergstr. 2 Sat. May 5th, 9pm

Special Screening May 2007 Alli Savolainen

Directors Lounge kindly invites for a personal show of video work by Alli Savolainen
curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Alli Savolainen will come from Finland to present her video work.

Alli Savolainen works with video, photography, sound and painting. She was born in Joensuu, Finland, and she graduated from Lahti Institute of Fine Arts. Since 1986, she is active as artist in Helsinki’s art and film scene. She since has compiled an impressive catalogue of video works which date back until 1989. When writing about her own work, she tells that she is interested in “time continuity and memory”. Saying that, she takes the viewer into a contemplation of the duration of visual moments.

In more recent times, Alli Savolainen looks with her camera at cities, street scenes and rural roads, still interested in the poetry of the non-spectacular, vernacular visual environment.

She lives and works in Espoo, Finland. (Metropolitan Area of Helsinki)

• Z Bar Bergstr. 2

• Berlin Mitte, U-Bahn Rosenthaler Platz

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Tuesday, March 13


Happy B-day, Nadya

Today´s the happy day for Nadya Cazan, the iconic beauty who represents Directors Lounge abroad. Even so she couldn´t join the Lounge in person she´s an essential part of the gang. Not only behind the scenes, but also quiete visible as one of our main flyers is based on her photograph. (Go here for the original.)

buon compleanno from the whole Team DL.

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Sunday, February 25

Sun 25th: This will be the last time

• all night long assorted gems for the eyes and for the ears

Hot Jazz and Cinelicious Tidbits

The hottest jazz in town, Les Haferflocken Swingers turning the Lounge upside down

Sunday will be the very last night to enjoy Directors Lounge.
Join us for an assortment of fine films, delicious cocktails and the hottest jazz and swing outside of New Orleans.

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Saturday, February 24

Sat 24th: Soy Thomas • Soy Cuba

Happy B-day, Thomas

Thomas, member of the gang since the very first days, chief bartender of Directors Lounge and acclaimed master of the mochito is celebrating his birthday tonight.
One more reason to join the fun before it´s over.

Cheers from the whole Team DL.

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Friday, February 23

Fri 23th. Les Haferflocken Swingers

•22 h • 10 pm Les Haferflocken Swingers Sweat, chaos and voodoo cirqus!

Hot Jazz and Gypsy Music from Berlin

the proper way to handle the bass; Flocko Motion of Les Haferflocken Swingers jamming with Markus of Don Bad´Habong during the Farewell night.

Sweat, chaos and voodoo cirqus! "Les Haferflocken Swingers", a international Berlin based Party Jazz troupe, hypnotize with hot'n'dirty Jazz.

Schweiss, Chaos und Voodoo-Zirkus! "Les Haferflocken Swingers" begeistern mit dem dreckigsten Hot-Jazz Berlins.

Formed back in October 2001 by Jimmy Monahan, Suk Mortalis and Flocko Motion as the "Rabbiz of Breaktanz", soon renamed as "Haferflocken Swingers", they started playing cheap Klezmer and Hot Jazz. Though in the beginning they sounded more like a screeching bunch of chainsaws out of tune, people were soon able to unplug their ears and even smile during their wicked performances.
Their journeys have driven them to many countries with their crew constantly changing, performing with weirdos and nutmegs from all over the universe.

Im Oktober 2001 von Jimmy Monohand, Suk Mortalis und Flocko Motion als "Rabbiz of Breaktanz" gegründet doch bald zu "Haferflocken Swingers" umbenannt, begannen sie billigen Klezmer und Hot-Jazz zu spielen. Am Anfang klangen sie wie ein Bündel kreischend verstimmter Kettensägen bis es irgendwann den ersten Leuten möglich war, während der Performances ihre Ohren zu entstöpseln oder sogar laut zu lächeln. Ihre Irrwege katapultierten sie durch aller Herren Länder, mit stets wechselnder Besetzung aus kaputten Halbtalenten und Pseudo-Affen performierend und perforierend.

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Tuesday, February 20

Visual Poetry • Ann Noel and Emmett Williams

Emmet Williams and his longtime companion Ann Noel performed on May 24th, 1997 at the Kurt Tucholsky memorial, Castle Rheinsberg. Hinrich Peters filmed the event on location. This short impression of Emmett Williams performing life with Ann Noel was screened subsequent to the presentation of the ZEBRA poetry and film awards in honour to Emmett Williams who died on Wednesday, 14th of February in Berlin.
Click on the pictures to see the video.

Jan Hermann has posted a conversation with Emmett that gives an additional insight and is worth a reading. snippet:
"I was a pretty good bartender once," he went on. "And foreman of a landfill project. I can wield a mean axe in the forest, too. Yes, I'd call myself a poet before anything else, though I wouldn't call it my occupation. Call it my preoccupation. Making poetry is the thing I've always done, or wanted to do, whatever else I was trying to accomplish. The thing that interrupts whatever else I'm doing. A 'disturbance' that I can't tune out."

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Sunday, February 18

DL 07 • Extended

night view

• Directors Lounge 2007 • The Extended Version • One More Week

We are pleased to announce that the Lounge stays open for one more week.
Expect assorted highlights from Directors Lounge as well as cinemaic surprises. Don´t hesitate to bring your own movies.

Publikum erzwingt Verlaengerung! Noch eine Woche lang besteht die Moeglichkeit taeglich ausgewaehlte Perlen der Directors Lounge 2007 in gepflegter Atmosphaere zu geniessen. Ueberaschungsfilme aus unserer Sammlung werden das Programm abrunden.

shortly before screening

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Thursday, February 15

Honouring Emmett Williams

Emmett Williams, artist and poet, died the day before yesterday, February 14, 2007 in Berlin. Emmett Williams, who collaborated with Daniel Spoerri in the Darmstadt circle of concrete poetry from 1957 to 1959 was the European coordinator of Fluxus, and a founding member of the Domaine Poetique in Paris, France. His theater essays have appeared in Das Neue Forum, Berner Blatter, Ulmer Theater, and other European magazines. Williams translated and reanecdoted Daniel Spoerri's Topographie Anecdotee du Hasard (An Anecdoted Topography of Chance), collaborated with Claes Oldenburg on Store Days, and edited An Anthology of Concrete Poetry, all published by the Something Else Press (owned and managed by fellow Fluxus artist Dick Higgins in New York and Vermont). In 1996 he received the Hannah-Hösch-Preis for his life work.
To honour Emmett Williams we will screen the short video work Emmett 06 by fellow Fluxus artist Wolf Kahlen subsequent to the presentation of the ZEBRA poetry and film awards, tomorrow, Sat 17th around 9:30 pm.
Emmett 06 will be screened in world premiere.

Emmett Williams, der US-amerikanische Dichter, Perfomance-Künstler und Mitbegründer der Fluxusbewegung, verstarb vorgestern, Dienstag dem 14. Februar 2007 in Berlin. Er war Präsident des Internationalen Künstlermuseums in Lodz. 1996 wurde er für sein Lebenswerk mit dem Hannah-Höch-Preis der Berlinischen Galerie ausgezeichnet. 1966 veröffentlichte er den erotischen Gedichtband "sweethearts", der zu seinen wichtigsten Werken zählt, und 1992 sein autobiografisches Werk "My Life in Flux – and Vice Versa". Seit 1956 experimentierte Emmett Williams mit seinen Procedural Poems, ohne einen Computer zu benötigen − er ersetzte die Buchstaben des Titels des zu schreibenden Gedichtes durch zufällig ausgewählte Wörter, so dass sich daraus wie durch ein Computerprogramm ein künstlicher Text generierte.
Als Würdigung seines Werkes zeigen wir morgen, Samstag 17.2., im Anschluss an die Präsentation der ZEBRA film and poetry awards die Videoarbeit Emmett 06, des Freundes und Künstlerkollegen Wolf Kahlen.
Emmett 06, 2006, 4 min. wird in Weltpremiere gezeigt.

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Wednesday, February 14

Tonight: The Making Of • Mi wed 14 02

•18 h 30 • 6:30 pmThe Making Of a film by Viola Stephan

a documentary about vision, neuroscience and filmmaking

• Viola Stephan
DE The Making OF 86 min, 35mm, 2005

How creative is science ?
How objective is filmmaking ?
Seeing is believing - a documentary about vision, neuroscience and filmmaking

Ein heiterer Essay ueber die Verbindung von Denken, Wahrnehmen und Kino, Kopfkino im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, das anregt, Kino anders zu betrachten, als wir es bisher taten: Denn Film ist nicht nur Unterhaltung, sondern die Quintessenz unseres Denkens und Fuehlens, eine Analogie, die uns letztendlich tiefer zu uns selbst bringt.

Joachim Kurz

Starring Andreas Oehler, director of Hunger nach Heimat, to be screened afterwards.

In attendance of Viola Stephan

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Tonight: Animate Locate • Mi wed 14 02

• 22 h • 10 pm Animation curated by Kim Collmer

Animate Locate

It is all about location- locations which give us comfort or discomfort, allow us to imagine, to laugh, squirm, locations that transport us or bring us quickly, and sometimes harshly, back to reality. Again we present animated shorts from stop-motion to pure CG. Highlights and emerging artists from all parts of the world will give an overview of the actual state of this specific genre. Curated by Kim Collmer of "Forming Motion" fame.

• Virgilio Villoresi and Vivì Ponti IT Fridgedaire 5 min 41 s, cut-out, 2005

Frigidaire is a stop motion animation about the birth, transformation, death and resurrection of a young girl. A hand takes her through a mad trip inside the house "Frigidaire". We took images from old magazines from the 40's-60's and from our reasearch of old books. The video is made with the collage technic and the sound is made by cuttings of old film. This is our first video together.
Virgilio Villoresi and Vivì Ponti

Animate Locate

• Johannes Nyholm SE The Tale of Little Puppetboy

4 min 20 s, stop motion, 2005

• Virgilio Villoresi and Vivì Ponti IT Fridgedaire 5 min 41 s, cut-out, 2005

• Meredith Root US Anxiety Invention 3 min, hand-drawn, 2006

Norma V Toray US Army of Me 4 min 8 s, mixed media, 2004

• Anita Allyn US Imaginary Lines 2 min 20 s, DV, 2005

• Thessia Machado BR/US Today I'm Here 48 s, pixellation, 2006

Eric Dyer US Copenhagen Cycles 6 min 35 s, zoetrope, 2005

• Kim Collmer DE/US Berlin Skin 2 min, mixed media, 2007

Cecilia Lundqvist SE Making Pancakes 4 min 58 s, hand-drawn, 2005

• Hei Cheng GB Board 1 min, stop motion, 2005

• Lisa Barcy US Mermaid 15 min, stop motion, 2007

*David Shrigley/ Chris Shepard GB Who I Am And What I Want

7 min 20 s, hand-drawn, 2006

Looped before and after the show:

• Johannes Nyholm and Jen DeNike SE/US Fever Dreams Shot footage and animation, 2006

• Fawn Krieger US New World cut-out , 2004

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