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Wednesday, February 7

China Doc • curated by Marina Foxley

• Special China Doc curated by Marina Foxley

Independent Chinese Documentaries

This special focus comprises of several long features and shorts videos and illustrates the singularity and the richness of the independent Chinese documentary in a concise manner.
Chinese independent documentary is noticeably flourishing and with the self-development of alternative structures and platforms in Mainland China, it surely presents a potential to expand. The rise of new technologies and the use of the DV format have created a closer connection with the real and favoured the spreading of the documentary genre. Exploration of the urban environment and the city activity, observation of the daily life, people living at the fringes of mainstream society, the common people, the individual, the personal and subjective are some of the topics that can be found in those films and generally in independent productions from China today.

This special programme was made by the collaboration of Marina Foxley and Zhu Rikun (Fanhall Studio).

Marina Foxley will be present at all screenings

• China Doc part 01 fri 09.02. 10 pm
• China Doc part 02 sun 11.02. 8 pm
• China Doc part 03 mon 12.02. 6:30 pm
• China Doc part 04 tues 13.02. 8 pm

In cooperation with Zhu Rikun and Fanhall Studio, Bejing



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soon coming