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Wednesday, February 7

In Focus: Academia Internacional de Cinema • Do thurs 15 02

• 18 h 30h • 6:30 pm In Focus curated by Ram Devineni

Academia Internacional de Cinema, Sao Paulo, Brazil

T he Academia Internacional de Cinema (International Academy of Film) is an innovative educational institution that uses key elements from the best film schools around the world to create a highly specialized and creative program.
AIC Films is a co-production of Academia Internacional de Cinema and Rattapallax, Inc. to showcase some of the best films produced at this fresh school.
Curated by Ram Devineni from Rattapallax.

Sete Grilos/Dois Cachorros (7 Crickets/2 Dogs) is an uncanny vision of a young man's insomnia through an interminable night based on a popular Brazilian poem. Screened at the 2006 Zebra Film Festival in Berlin and the Potenza International Film Festival in Italy.

Curitibatuquetown, reminiscent in style to Koyaanisqatsi, looks at Curitiba, Brazil from day to night. Brilliant photography, music, and editing.

4:48 am: A common man wakes up every day at the same time, and always does the same things. The film captures the rigorous routines of the mind.

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