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Tuesday, February 20

Visual Poetry • Ann Noel and Emmett Williams

Emmet Williams and his longtime companion Ann Noel performed on May 24th, 1997 at the Kurt Tucholsky memorial, Castle Rheinsberg. Hinrich Peters filmed the event on location. This short impression of Emmett Williams performing life with Ann Noel was screened subsequent to the presentation of the ZEBRA poetry and film awards in honour to Emmett Williams who died on Wednesday, 14th of February in Berlin.
Click on the pictures to see the video.

Jan Hermann has posted a conversation with Emmett that gives an additional insight and is worth a reading. snippet:
"I was a pretty good bartender once," he went on. "And foreman of a landfill project. I can wield a mean axe in the forest, too. Yes, I'd call myself a poet before anything else, though I wouldn't call it my occupation. Call it my preoccupation. Making poetry is the thing I've always done, or wanted to do, whatever else I was trying to accomplish. The thing that interrupts whatever else I'm doing. A 'disturbance' that I can't tune out."


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soon coming