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Wednesday, February 14

Tonight: Animate Locate • Mi wed 14 02

• 22 h • 10 pm Animation curated by Kim Collmer

Animate Locate

It is all about location- locations which give us comfort or discomfort, allow us to imagine, to laugh, squirm, locations that transport us or bring us quickly, and sometimes harshly, back to reality. Again we present animated shorts from stop-motion to pure CG. Highlights and emerging artists from all parts of the world will give an overview of the actual state of this specific genre. Curated by Kim Collmer of "Forming Motion" fame.

• Virgilio Villoresi and Vivì Ponti IT Fridgedaire 5 min 41 s, cut-out, 2005

Frigidaire is a stop motion animation about the birth, transformation, death and resurrection of a young girl. A hand takes her through a mad trip inside the house "Frigidaire". We took images from old magazines from the 40's-60's and from our reasearch of old books. The video is made with the collage technic and the sound is made by cuttings of old film. This is our first video together.
Virgilio Villoresi and Vivì Ponti

Animate Locate

• Johannes Nyholm SE The Tale of Little Puppetboy

4 min 20 s, stop motion, 2005

• Virgilio Villoresi and Vivì Ponti IT Fridgedaire 5 min 41 s, cut-out, 2005

• Meredith Root US Anxiety Invention 3 min, hand-drawn, 2006

Norma V Toray US Army of Me 4 min 8 s, mixed media, 2004

• Anita Allyn US Imaginary Lines 2 min 20 s, DV, 2005

• Thessia Machado BR/US Today I'm Here 48 s, pixellation, 2006

Eric Dyer US Copenhagen Cycles 6 min 35 s, zoetrope, 2005

• Kim Collmer DE/US Berlin Skin 2 min, mixed media, 2007

Cecilia Lundqvist SE Making Pancakes 4 min 58 s, hand-drawn, 2005

• Hei Cheng GB Board 1 min, stop motion, 2005

• Lisa Barcy US Mermaid 15 min, stop motion, 2007

*David Shrigley/ Chris Shepard GB Who I Am And What I Want

7 min 20 s, hand-drawn, 2006

Looped before and after the show:

• Johannes Nyholm and Jen DeNike SE/US Fever Dreams Shot footage and animation, 2006

• Fawn Krieger US New World cut-out , 2004


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soon coming