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Tuesday, February 13

some faces

more snapshots of the cinematic crowd

devoutly listening to the words of Cosima Reif

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The enchanting Mrs Pure Chance, Cosima Reif, while illuminating prepotenz as well as ingenuity, that may sparkle in the eyes of the young Viennese lads.

Catherine Forster of LiveBox Chicago with fellow director Galina Schevchenko

Kim Collmer, artistic curator of Animate Locate (14.2. 10 pm)with friend Jennifer

Longest F. Stein of gallery KMZA during his presentation of video pioneer Wolf Kahlen.

Video pioneer Wolf Kahlen discussing his work after the screening.

Video artist Vadim Schaeffler who´s work Motion is on display.

Joppel, projectionist of the Lounge teaching director aE3 the future of revolution.

It isn´t unusual that some guests start to sing for no specific reason. Shown here is Phips of Raga Gaga Gang fame.


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soon coming